There But Not There

Sep 1, 2018 | Village News

As you may have read in local publications, people are being invited to reflect on the impact of the First World War by engaging with a moving and reflective installation in St Peter ad Vincula church in Wisborough Green.

The 21 men who did not return to Wisborough Green will be back within the village from Thursday 20th September until Thursday 15th November, sitting in St Peter’s church as they may well have as part of the congregation. The church will be open from 7.30 am until dusk (normal services will continue so please refer to times on page 4). Residents and visitors will be encouraged to sit with them and reflect on their courage and their ultimate sacrifice: they did not return 100 years ago.

A booklet, giving as much detail as the History Society has found on these men, will be published and provided to the village children, as well as being available to purchase. There will also be a display by the History Society within the church.

It is an incredibly important anniversary and we do hope that you will visit the church and pay tribute to those that lay down their lives for their country and this village.

Further information available on the village website:

More information on ‘There But Not There’, the 2018 nationwide Armistice project for the charity ‘Remembered’ can be found here:

Or visit the There But Not There page on this website