Hello again! A quick apology for lack of Notes in July – due to family commitments and one or two other problems. ((Did you miss me? Oh – you didn’t notice – ok…)) And I must add a belated thank you to PP for sending me a report about the I.O.Wight  sea-eagles. Sadly, some people have a bit of a problem with the birds’ presence, but the project continues to flourish, so perhaps we shall see one here again, sailing regally over the green, or swinging off up to Harsfold as before. Just hope I get a longer look next time!

As I write, the windows are closed, and curtains drawn as we face the hottest few days ever recorded in the UK. And we are only one of many countries struggling with the heat. People and wildlife alike are facing severe drought, wildfires, and many other problems. So, let’s hope that we can change things for the better as this century progresses. But it’s probably already too late for our three transplanted oak saplings. This one was doing well a few weeks ago. So sad, but who knows? If it just rains properly again? Please!

I took this other picture (see right) on Paxos, some time ago.

A friend was swimming, but I was fascinated to see, behind her head, this spider, apparently suspended in mid-air, in between two separate bushes, right in the middle on a single strand of web! How did it get there, and how did it stay, hanging there, for several days!? Insects still have the power to surprise us, don’t they? Another reason to take care of the natural world?

Meanwhile, back home we’ve had a respectable number of butterflies – several varieties and many doing well. As have the starlings of course and – hooray hooray! – a couple of greenfinch families too, at last! The woodpeckers are having a field day on the feeders, one youngster with its backside comfortably resting on the bottom rim of the feeder, as it plunders its way through the peanuts. Sadly, no pictures were possible through the window, and it fled if we went out.

Lastly – The ducks are back by the pond in good numbers, which is lovely. Did an early shop today with a croissant for Jim, then threw down a dollop of corn, but one late comer seems have inherited Henry’s demand for hand feeding. All the corn was already eaten, so I gave him a biggish corner of the croissant – luckily Jim knows his place in the pecking order….