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Registered Charity No: 1173818

Local Coordinator: Dave Wallace

47, Carters Way, Wisborough Green RH14 0BX
Tel: 01403 700320   Email:

To use the minibus you need to be a member of the Minibus Association. The annual membership to December 2023 is £10 payable to the escort on your first trip on the minibus.


ll our regular services are in full swing, as you can see from the forthcoming destinations, below. We have a small increase in members since last month, but I’m quite sure there are a whole lot of you good people who know of someone who could benefit from joining our members, but for some reason maybe isn’t fully aware of how satisfying, efficient, comfortable and enjoyable our door-to-door outings are for everyone. All residents of Wisborough Green are eligible to join and it only costs £10 for our full range of journeys right up to the end of 2024. A fare is payable for each journey undertaken, but our fares are laughably cheap and represent outstanding value for money: this is made possible because our team of Drivers and Escorts all donate their time, skills and expertise completely voluntarily, no money is involved, hence the Association can offer these ludicrously low charges – try us and find out for yourself!

Bookings are made through Fran Wallace, 700320, except for Special visits, in red, where you need to phone Ros Harvey, 701934.

We are always on the lookout, not only for new members, but also to add to our roster of volunteers, so if you think you might like to find out a bit more as to what is involved in becoming an Escort or a Driver, please don’t hesitate to contact me (700320) and I will provide all the information you need to see if either of these roles would interest you – all, of course, at no obligation to yourself.

Please Note – the planned trip to Pashley Manor (Wed 1 May) had unavoidably been substituted by a trip to Tulley’s Farm for which the date had, equally unavoidably, been brought forward to Wed 24 April. All passengers were informed and were in agreement with these changes.

All the best,
Dave Wallace, Local Coordinator

Destinations for MAY 2024 and early JUNE(All depart at 9.30 am unless stated otherwise)

Day Date Destination
Friday 03 Horsham & Sainsburys
Tuesday 07 Chichester
Friday 10 Guildford
Tuesday 14 Cranleigh
Friday 17 Lidl & Summers Pond
Tuesday 21 Horsham & Sainsburys
Friday 24 Godalming & Waitrose
Tuesday 28 Cranleigh & Notcutts
Friday 31 Tesco Broadbridge Heath
Tuesday 04 Chichester
05 Milestones Museum, Basingstoke (depart 10.30)
Friday 07 Horsham & Sainsburys

We are always open to suggestions of additional destinations / special trips (marked in red) – just get in touch with me using the details above

Please book through Ros Harvey on 01403 701934