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Registered Charity No: 1173818

Local Coordinator: Dave Wallace

47, Carters Way, Wisborough Green RH14 0BX
Tel: 01403 700320   Email:

To use the minibus you need to be a member of the Minibus Association. The annual membership is £8 payable to the escort on your first trip on the minibus. All 2020 members are automatically now registered as 2021 members at no additional cost.

For bookings (see destinations below ) ring: BRENDA KARN-SMITH (701076)


I’m pleased to announce the minibus service is back, and following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, there is no  longer any need to restrict passenger numbers, so we can hopefully accommodate all our usual passengers plus any newcomers who wish to use our service. Please note: anyone can become a member and thus become eligible for all our usual journeys and also our ever-popular special trips. The programme follows below, and we will carry out our usual service subject, of course, to any and all government announcements between now and all following dates.

Unfortunately, there is a negative announcement I also have to make. Our planned Wine and Cheese Party, due on 6 August, has had to be postponed until the New Year (further details to follow).  Everyone on the minibus team was really enthusiastic and looking forward to meeting all our members in person again after such a long suspension of our activities, but the ever-helpful Village Hall team have been advised to restrict numbers on all bookings and this, combined with the inevitable interruption to normal village hall amenities due to the exciting redevelopments now in full swing, means that we cannot offer our guests the normal level of numbers and hospitality at this time, so we reluctantly have taken the decision to postpone our Party until further notice. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with a bigger and better than ever event when circumstances allow next year. Please accept my apologies for any and all disappointment caused by this postponement, but in these unusual times we have to bear with what restrictions are still imposed on us all.

We have been delighted with the response of every single member who have all, without exception, enthusiastically welcomed the resumption of our services, so I again would invite all and sundry to become members and become eligible to partake in our wonderful door-to-door service and, if appropriate, would particularly welcome any additional offers to volunteer as Escorts or Drivers in our wholly-volunteer-run activities: please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would care to learn further details of this most worthwhile service,

Hoping this finds everyone well and in good spirits.

Dave Wallace, Local Coordinator

 AUGUST (all trips depart 9.30am)

Tuesday 3 August – Horsham and Sainsburys
Friday 6 August –   Cranleigh
Tuesday 10 August –   Horsham and Sainsburys
Friday 13 August –   Worthing and Morrisons
Tuesday 17 August –   Horsham and Sainsburys
Friday 20 August –   Cranleigh
Tuesday 24 August –   Horsham and Sainsburys
Friday 27 August –   Chichester and Sainsburys
Tuesday 31 August –   Horsham and Sainsburys

SEPTEMBER (all trips depart 9.30am)

Friday 3 September –   Cranleigh
Tuesday 7 September –   Horsham and Sainsburys
Friday 10 September –   Chichester and Sainsburys

And our SPECIALS are (Please arrange via Kate Vernalls 701004)

Wednesday 4 August – Stanstead Park (Havant) £17
Wednesday 1 September –  Strawberry Hill House (Twickenham) £25 to be confirmed