At our August meeting on the 5th, instead of having a picnic on the Green, we had a most interesting talk by Mimi Bogelund. Mimi is a certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organiser and she told us about how she entered the world of decluttering and organising in order to create space and sparking joy in our lives.  I think she inspired us at least to try to discard or donate those items that do not give us joy.

We will have completed another walk in Alfold and had a picnic on the Green by the time you read this.

Our next meeting will be meeting on the 2nd September in the hall and it will be a talk by Sarah Slater on ‘Working with ghosts at Hampton Court’.

If anyone needs any information on our WI, please contact our President, Mary Benson on 01403 700284.

Sue Nicholls 01403 700827