I would like to report on our July meeting when Karen Peck gave us a very hand on evening with our Health and Exercise.  I would like to but unfortunately, as with our previous meetings, we had to cancel due to Covid19.

Never mind, I’m sure we’ll be able to have a meeting in the hall sometime this year!

We don’t have a meeting in August but, if you have nothing better to do, on the 6th August some of us are going to meet at the Little Green in Wisborough for a catch up.  This is not an official meeting and we can stay ‘socially distanced’ so if you would like to come (weather permitting) it would be very nice to see you at about 6.30pm. Just bring nibbles, chair & something to drink.

Our next meeting is due to be held on 3rd September in the village hall but don’t hold your breath!!

Keep well and have fun in your bubble.

Sue Nicholls 01403 700827