Dear Residents,

This month I would like to focus on one of the biggest issues we are facing at the moment that is not only of concern for village residents but for all of us who love what makes Wisborough…Green!

Save our Church Fields

A planning application has been made for 25 new homes on Church Fields.

If you have been following my previous articles, you may recall that as far back as last Summer (Ad Vincula August 2020) I wrote to inform residents that CDC Local Plan had expired and a new one had not been adopted due to delayed timetables confirmed in February 2020, and that this left us unprotected from speculative development.

I wrote at the time that the group that I represent at Council had been raising concerns with the Local Plan for a few years now, as well as voicing the need to put more pressure on Central Government to review our housing allocation.

I was not being alarmist…as this is now the situation we are facing. CDC’s lack of a five year housing land supply means that, despite Wisborough Green’s allocation being met within the revised Neighbourhood Plan from other sites, the planning application for houses on Church Field, a highly sensitive green field site – as very well described on the Parish Council website- , could potentially bypass that process, overriding the wishes of the Local People.

The problems that led to the failure to adopt a new Local Plan by District Council go back years, and as I said last Summer whatever decisions or delays were a responsibility of a previous administration may be water under the bridge… – but it’s not fair for the communities in the North of the District outside the National Park to pick up the tab.

The Parish Council has voted unanimously to oppose the application and will be lodging a full objection with Chichester District Council…and the Parish Council and the village has all of my support in fighting to object this.

I have already held meetings with a Parish Council representative to discuss the process and how I can help and I will do my best to support Wisborough Green in opposing an application that goes against YOUR Neighbourhood Plan, and I will represent those views at Council.  In the meantime, please make sure you too comment on the application and express your views: and search for ‘21/00621/FUL

If you have troubles with the CDC website, please do feel free to email to me and I will personally pass this on to the Planning Officers at Chichester District Council.

New Small Enterprise Grants Scheme

On 12 April, a new grant scheme for small enterprises across the district was launched. The Enabling Grant Scheme will give small businesses in the district the opportunity to access funding that will help them to grow and develop. There are three types of grant – one is for capital projects; another is for website and social media projects; and the third is for start-up businesses. More info here: but do hurry, deadline is 2nd May!

Get in touch! / 07958 918056.