Dear Residents,

I hope you are enjoying the summer break with your families and friends, despite the unpredictable and unseasonable weather! There is still lots going on across the District and I’m sure many of you will have attended our fantastic events like the Loxwood Joust, Petworth Festival and MADhurst. For any Lord of the Rings fans, don’t miss the Magic of Middle Earth exhibition at the Novium in Chichester, which ends on 24th September.

Local Updates:

Chichester Local Plan CDC received a very large number of responses to the Local Plan consultation earlier this year. Officers have been collating and categorising these responses and we are working hard to ensure that the Plan is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for review in the Autumn. The council fully supports making the Local Plan, which, amongst other things, will help protect us from speculative housing developments.

Parish Neighbourhood Plans Gareth and I have been working with several of our Parish Councils and CDC to support their production of Neighbourhood Plans and Gareth has asked CDC officers to actively reach out to support Parishes in this process. These are linked to the Local Plan update process so take huge amounts of time and effort from dedicated Parish Councillors, Clerks, officers and consultants. One benefit is that local residents gain some control over development, which is being driven by government housing targets and that Parishes receive a higher allocation of money from developers that they can then use to improve our local infrastructure.

21/00466/OUT – Land West of Cornwood Townfield Kirdford Was expecting to go to planning committee in July however has now been given an extension of time till 30th September. Gareth and I have spoken to Fjola Stevens outlining disappointment in the time to determine this application which will be 956 days if not determined until 30th September.

Lagoon 3 (Crouchlands Farm) Reminder that the trial date was due 23 August 2023 at 10:00am at Horsham Magistrates. We will update when there is further guidance.

Crouchlands Farm Proposed Developments A meeting with the developer, Loxwood Ward District Councillors, the Leader of the Council and a Senior Officer took place on the 11th July. At the meeting it was outlined that the determination date was likely to be extended again as there are still several issues to resolve not least Water Neutrality, roads infrastructure and ecological matters.

Loxwood Shop UpdateThere has been a further delay to the S106 legal agreement but the CDC are proactively keeping us up to date. We will update as soon as we have something more concrete we can comment on.

Southern Water Roadworks, Plaistow Following concern from residents about the placement of signage due to the Southern Water roadworks between Ifold and Plaistow, Gareth reported the inappropriate and dangerous signs to West Sussex County Council.

CDC Wide Updates

Next Full Council Meeting Tuesday 26th September

Meeting your District Councillors

Gareth has the following surgery dates scheduled from 12pm – 2pm:

  • Saturday 2nd September 2023 – The Onslow Arms, Loxwood
  • Saturday 16th September 2023 – Kirdford Village Shop, Kirdford
  • Saturday 7th October 2023 – Stag Inn, Balls Cross

Should the dates suggested not be suitable for you or there are any other reasons preventing you from seeing us we are also happy to do home visits, telephone calls or zoom calls.


Our contact details:

Cllr. Gareth Evans, email: or telephone 07958 918056

Cllr. Charles Todhunter, email or telephone 07986 344365




Our contact details:

Cllr. Gareth Evans, email: or telephone 07958 918056

Cllr. Charles Todhunter, email or telephone 07986 344365