UKOG at Broadford Bridge

On 19th March, West Sussex County Council Planning Committee refused UK Oil and Gas, UKOG company, permission to extend their stay at the Broadford Bridge defunct oil well site by 7 votes to 4.  This was the 5th attempt by UKOG to extend their stay when they had repeatedly stated that “if they found nothing, they would restore the site and leave”.  They have found nothing since 2018 and they do still need to restore the site before leaving.  Their latest report mentions appealing this decision.

They have 6 months in which to lodge an Appeal but the WSCC/SDNP Joint Minerals Plan 2018 Policy M24 does require that plans “ensure that land is restored at the earliest opportunity.  As we have seen this commitment has repeatedly been stated but not done.  The South Downs National Park had to take UKOG to Court to force them to restore their site at Markwells Wood, to the north of Chichester, and then the 2000 trees planted by the company died through lack of attention.  We welcome the decision made by the WSCC Planning Committee but did argue that the Council should have requested a bond to cover the costs of restoration or they could potentially fall to the local community.  Watch this space.

Jill Sutcliffe, Chair KKWG,
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