Renegades area head of the carve!Renegades logo

The Renegades Youth Club carved out some fab-boo-lous fun as the Hallowe’en pumpkin season arrived with a gourd old fashioned bang.

“We had the campfires burning and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm, and the kids had great fun carving their pumpkins together. They created a real mixture of faces – from a shotgun spray technique to the ones who carefully sculpted out all the features – while we told horror stories. It had to be horror and not ghost stories despite the time of year…blood and gore is what they love!,” laughs Group Leader Gareth Miller.

Once their carving expertise had been exhausted – with not a cut finger, courtesy of regular knife practice – the children did what they seem to love best. “Always the most wonderful experience is to watch the children literally light up like firecrackers when you let them loose in the dark! We play a Manhunt game in the grounds of our new home and the energy they give off could solve the current fuel crisis!”, says Gareth. “It is also a principle of the club that we ask the kids what they want to do rather than tell them – they get that all day – and it really works”.

The Renegades is delighted to announce that the club now operates out of Loxwood Village Hall – with a big thank you to the organising committee there for their support. Mixed activities take place there on a Monday night, art & craft and acrobatics are on a Thursday night and archery on a Friday night. Carpentry is in Wisborough Green on a Tuesday and canoeing on the Wey & Arun canal on a Sunday morning.

The other great news is that the club has been awarded two more grants. “Because the Postcode Society has seen what a difference they made with the purchase of canoes and a trailer, and have seen that there is no end to our ambition, they have generously given us another substantial grant,” says Gareth.

“Thanks must also go to Katie Bourne, the county’s Police & Crime Commissioner, for a wonderful grant to continue the work we are doing in trying to reach more and more children with the work we are doing. Renegade children and parents alike say a huge thank you to both organisations”.

The Renegades is a Registered Charity. Membership costs £10 a month. Please contact Gareth Miller on 07801 862550 or Damian Dixon on 07484 130189 for further information.