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It was a High Five to the Renegades as the youth club celebrated its fifth birthday, going from strength to strength with more members and more activities than ever before.

“The last five years have flown by in a whirl – an exciting rollercoaster, full of highs and laughs,” says Group Leader Gareth Miller. “But one of the things that has given me the most joy has been seeing our original members now taking on the roles of Youth Leaders.

“We now have a group of young leaders able to connect and empathise with both Renegades and Rascals and who I can trust implicitly to work and play with them.

“Each leader brings their own imagination and a different skill set to the party. Jacob, who hopes to go on to drama school, shares his passions of drama, photography, art, music, drone flying and canoeing. John, whose ambition is to run his own Asian fusion restaurant, specialises in cookery, archery, canoeing and drone flying.

“Susie, who is hoping to go to university to study biomedical engineering, leads the children in cookery and archery while Morris, who is a science and technology nut, is a great all round support.

“Hannah, who is taking a year out to get experience of working with children before going to Coventry to study education, has put a lot of thought into the organisation of the club and pastoral care for the children, while also taking over our social media output. Milo, who is also planning to study early childhood, has also been a great general support while Josh has already done his drone flying qualifications and is a great paddler,” says Gareth.

“Even some of the younger ones have, unasked, stepped up to the plate. Edith helps with canoeing and cooking while Emily, Rose and Megan regularly support the young Rascals. The simple mentoring concept of Each One Teach One practised by the Delancey Street Foundation, a San Franciscan nonprofit organisation providing vocational training for ex drug users or people with criminal convictions, works brilliantly with children.”

There will be more firsts in 2024: we have launched an appeal to help fund a minibus and you can help us here:


The Renegades is a Registered Charity. Membership is free or a voluntary contribution of £10 a month. Please contact Gareth Miller on 07801 862550 for a taster session.

The Renegades services are not just for kids!

Gareth is more than willing to do older groups for archery canoeing and astronomy.  If you are interested, please contact him below:

Gareth Miller, The Renegades Youth Club

Email: Renegadesyc@gmail.com        Tel: 07801 862550

Website: Renegadesyc.org