Film Night

The children had a wonderful time at film night on Wednesday 18th January. The children watched some of their favourite films with their friends while eating some fun snacks. Lots of fun for everyone. A big thank you to the teachers & parent volunteers that made this possible.

Upcoming events

Next up we have the Valentines Disco on 23rd February, hosted by Magic Marty. The children are super excited to have an opportunity to dance to their favourite songs with their friends. Then on 29th March the children will be completing the Easter Trail, following the clues around the village to earn their chocolate egg on the return to school. The parents won’t be missing out on fun activities, with Quiz Night on 24th March.  Time for everyone to polish up their trivia knowledge! Planning for the summer fair has also started in earnest, and we are excited to announce that our theme this year will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NHS. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 17th June for a wonderful school celebration on the green.

Thank you for all your support.

All at Wisborough Green Primary School PTA