There ain’t a dog poo fairy; own it.

Bins at Songhurst Meadow are now open.

Dog waste bags can now be put into litter bins which CDC empties on a weekly basis. CDC is phasing out dog waste bins and asking people to use the general litter bins instead (the dog bins will be removed). Some bins on the village green (away from benches) will be marked as dual purpose and we would be grateful if you could head to these.

Disappointingly, it seems that the inconsiderate few are not picking up after their dogs particularly at Songhurst Meadow. Dog fouling is unpleasant for everyone, so do keep an eye on your dog.  Let’s face it, we know our dogs and we know that they all ‘go’ within a few hundred metres of home. It is totally unacceptable to expect others to clear up so please keep a close eye on your faithful friends. It would be a real shame if dogs had to be kept on leads. Thank you.

If you know of a persistent offender please contact Louise, Parish Council Clerk, in confidence on or telephone 01403 701102.