Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting

The Planning Committee will be meeting in the Committee Room at the Village Hall on Tuesday 16th August at 8pm. The agenda has now been published.   Members of the public are welcome to attend but as a Covid precaution, please do not attend if you are feeling...

Hear all about it

The latest Parish Council newsletter has now been distributed to every household in the Parish (or thereabouts) in the Ad Vincula magazine. Read here if you didn’t receive a copy. August Newsletter

The Next Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th September 2022 in the Committee Room at the Village Hall at 7.45 pm. The Agenda will be published here on Thursday 15th September. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS MEETING.  COVID PRECAUTIONS...

Parish Council Vacancy

Following the resignation of Steve Rollinson, the Parish Council now has a vacancy. Statutory Notice advertising vacancy Parish Councillor advertisement

eWG Sign Up

Sign up for e-communication and receive update emails from the Parish Council. This will shorten lead times on messaging, offer the ability to communicate rapidly in emergencies and make, for instance, sending out a link for an online consultation easier. SIGN UP...