Neighbourhood Plan Review

January 2022 – the latest position update

It’s been a little while so a quick update to keep you informed on the current status of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) review.

In discussion with our independent planning advisor, we are now working on the submission version of the draft plan to incorporate feedback from the last Regulation 14 consultation which took place in June 2021.

Meetings have been held within the NP Team and with other stakeholders to continue to investigate factors affecting the proposed development sites. The two main issues are the viability of a pavement in Kirdford Road linking the proposed sites with village amenities and the demonstration of water neutrality. Demonstration of the latter is a recent planning requirement for all Parishes within the Sussex North Water Supply Zone. This is a large area that includes Horsham and Crawley, as well as the north Chichester area, the implications of which are currently being considered by all the District/Borough Councils.

The third issue still affecting the WG NP Review is the ongoing delay in the Chichester Local Plan which has to be complete, and the housing allocation for Wisborough Green confirmed, before our NP can go forward for examination. It is unlikely that the Local Plan will be progressed significantly in the immediate future so the conclusion of our own NP is currently, and regretfully, not within the control of the NP Team. We will continue to keep you informed.

The Neighbourhood Plan Review Team 



Regulation 14 Consultation         THE CONSULTATION HAS NOW CLOSED

A local consultation on the Revised Neighbourhood Plan will take place from Tuesday 4th May closing on Wednesday 30th June 2021, extended from Friday 18th June 2021. (Deadline extended on 14th May 2021.)

We appreciate that this has been a long process so far, so thank you to everyone who responded to the Regulation 14 consultation.

The results of this consultation will now be analysed, with advice provided by an independent planning consultant. All respondents’ views will be reviewed and, where possible and appropriate, taken into account. A Consultation Statement summarising comments will be prepared and made available on the village website in due course.

Any changes that are considered necessary, as a result of the Regulation 14 consultation, will be discussed with CDC. The Revised Plan will then be approved by the Parish Council for submission to CDC with all the required supporting evidence. CDC will then organise the remaining stages of the process; a further consultation, examination, referendum and finally adoption by CDC. Keep with us, we’re getting there!


We also invite comments on the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment. Please email directly to or attach comments on a separate sheet to the consultation booklet.

The Revised Wisborough Green Neighbourhood Plan

Strategic Environmental Assessment completed by AECOM April 2021

Habitat Regulations Assessment May 2021 (February 2021 assessment updated to include information relating to water extraction at Hardham)

Site Selection Report April 2021

Regulation 14 Statement – Statement on whether modifications to the Neighbourhood Plan are so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the Plan

National Policy

National Planning Policy Framework


District Policy and Evidence

Chichester District Council Local Plan Review – Emerging Revised Local Plan 2019 – 2035

CDC Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) 2020

CDC Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) 2020

CDC Landscape Capacity Study

CDC Habitat Regulations Assessment


Wisborough Green Parish

Housing Need Survey undertaken by Chichester District Council (Autumn 2018)

Site Assessments

Local Call for Sites – Invitation (Publicised on noticeboards and in the parish magazine)

Local Call for Sites – Submission Form (completed by landowners/developers)

Site Assessment Methodology Report (Chapman Planning March 2019)

Independent Site Options and Assessment Report undertaken by AECOM (September 2019)

  Site Assessments by the Steering Group
WG19-1 Spring Meadow
WG19-2 Ansells Yard
WG19-3 Tanglewood Nursery
WG19-4 Stable Field
WG19-5 Winterfold Garden
WG19-6 Land South of A272 – unsuitable on HELAA
WG19-7 Paddock Farm
WG19-8 Glebe Field
WG19-9 Glebe View Garden
WG19-10 Macdonalds Field
WG19-11 Farnagates Field 1
WG19-12 Farnagates Field 2
WG19-13 Farnagates Field 3
WG19-14 Newpound Field
September 2019 Site Consultation Event
Consultation Information Displays
Site Assessments (as provided above)
Consultation Response Questionnaire
Consultation Results Summary Report
Consultation Results Full Report
Map – Sites consulted on & presented for consideration and feedback
Map – Sites not considered suitable for development
Photographs of Consultation Event


Local Gap Assessment

Local Green Gap Assessment Report (2020) by Steering Group

Wisborough Green Locally Valued Open Land Assessment – Terra Firma Consultancy Ltd (February 2020) (Appendix 1 for above report)

Local Residents Green Gap Assessment – Standardisation  (Appendix 2 for above report)

AECOM Green Gap Validation Report (2020)

Wisborough Green Parish Ecological Networks Map  (CDC)

Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre – Summary Report of Ecological Data 2020

Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre – Biodiversity Maps 2014

Dragonflies and Damselflies on the River Kird by Dr Alison Barker FRES 2017

Community Survey January 2020

AECOM Support – evidence review and policy development to inform community survey – Final Report

Survey posted by Action in rural Sussex to all Parish households January 2020

Survey Results – analysis undertake by Action in rural Sussex (AirS)

Site Consultation Survey January 2021

Site Survey circulated to all households via the Parish Council magazine – response deadline 22 January 2021

Survey Results

Site Selection Report April 2021

Habitat Regulations Assessment

HRA Report completed by AECOM February 2021

Barbastelle Bats in the Sussex West Weald 1997 – 2008 by Frank Greenaway (November 2008)

Draft Bat Special Area of Conservation Planning and Landscape Scale Enhancement Protocol  (South Downs National Park and Natural England Sussex)

Revised HRA completed by AECOM September 2021

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Scoping Report for SEA completed by AECOM in November 2019

Report completed by AECOM April 2021

Wisborough Green Village Design Statement adopted by CDC March 2018

Adopted by CDC as a supplementary planning document in March 2018

Regulation 14 Consultation Information

Undertaken in May/June 2021 – all information

Kirdford Road Footway

WSCC Land Registry Details – Plan 1
WSCC Land Registry Details – Plan 2
WSCC Email – confirming WSCC position on the footway

Historic Environment Record – Full Report

Local Green Space

Assessment Report


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